Improving your home's energy sources with a solar system in Calabasas can be easier than you think when you live in sunny California. Sunlight is one of the most practical sources of energy, as homes can easily harvest six kilowatt hours each day. Ground Up Builders specializes in making practical units that help you get the most out of your energy. Our units can save about 180 kilowatts of energy each month, which adds up to a savings of about $160 on every bill.

Getting solar panels isn’t all that complicated. Installation technicians start by visiting your home and assessing the amount of shade your house is exposed to. We examine the layout of your home, finding the areas that are most exposed to the sun. This helps us to better place each panel, thus improving their overall efficiency. With our help, you can gather the most sunlight each day, saving you even more money.

Designing a custom unit for your home is very easy for energy professionals. After a short wait, your new solar power system in Calabasas can be installed. As a homeowner, this is probably the easiest step for you. Our professional installation technicians tend to all of the details of the project, including securing the local permits. You can rest assured knowing that everything has been taken care of. Your unit will be installed in accordance with all local regulations, saving you time and money later on.

If you want to save money right away, you will need to find an installation company that can work quickly without sacrificing quality. Ground Up Builders knows the importance of speed, especially when it comes to installing a unit that can affect your monthly bills. We want you to save money as quickly as possible, so we work as quickly as possible to have your unit up and running.

One of the biggest benefits of working with Ground Up Builders is our professional attitude, but you will also quickly discover just how much each customer means to us. We always focus on providing a detailed, accurate installation. Our technicians are even willing to help you find rebates that can help offset the cost of installation, saving you even more money.

Homes of all shapes and sizes can benefit from solar panels in Calabasas. If you are looking to save money on your energy bill in California, then look no further than Ground Up Builders. Let us help you get the most out of your home's energy system!

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