We were contracted for a full backyard renovation project. As with any backyard remodeling project our backyard contractor calabasas saw the initial state of the backyard and found it somewhat disturbing, however as an experienced backyard contractor I was not feeling discouraged. The project in Calabasas was very challenging and the end result was amazing. Our client was amazed and very happy with his backyard. Our backyard designer did a great job of using the space to create an inviting area for the family to spend time in.

The Backyard Remodeling Project


Our client wanted to create an entertaining backyard to be used by the extended family and friends for fun gathering.

We demolished and removed the old patio. We had designed and created and installed a new outdoor kitchen. The backyard designer had included an inviting eating area completed with a outdoor water fountain, planters and much more.

We removed old patio, created a , exterior kitchen with bar, eating area, grown level planters, water fountain and much more.

Some before and during backyard remodeling project


As you can see from the images this is a complete backyard redesign projects. This complete project although challenging are very satisfying once completed,

After images of our backyard remodeling project in Calabasas

Our Backyard remodeling and extensive work has created a fun backyard to be in. The client had said that since he used us as is backyard contractor the family spends more time together,

Look inside